Sony BluRay Player, UBPX800BCEK, Smart 4K UHD HDR Upscaling, High Resolution Audio

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Available to order - please contact the shop on 01874 622974.

This is a high quality, upscaling BluRay player from, in my opinion, the best TV manufacturer. Sony offer a great balance between well-made machines, with great integrated technology, and a price that gives value for money, while offering a five year manufacturer's warranty on their TVs.

This machine comes with a host of features to make life easier for you:

  • 4k Ultra HD - 4 X resolution of standard Blu Ray
  • Blu-ray/CD/DVD playback - Enjoy your existing library
  • Wi-FI - Connect to streaming catch up services
  • Bluetooth - Connect headphones for private viewing
  • This machine comes with a ONE year warranty by registration

This item is 43cm wide and 27cm deep.

You can access the Euronics webpage for this item at Sony UBPX800BCEK.