Siemens iQ300 Tall Freezer, GS29NVW3PG, 60cm, Frost Free, A++ Energy

  • £600.00
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This is a high quality 60cm tall freezer from a great manufacturer. Siemens specialise in producing high quality products.

  • noFrost technology prevents icing and frosting so you never have to defrost again.
  • The bigBox offers plenty of space to store and stack large frozen items efficiently.
  • superFreezing - Sensors automatically reduce the temperature for a set period of time, to quickly freeze newly added food items.
  • All freezer drawers and glass shelves can be removed easily. varioZone lets you organize the space flexibly.
  • The multiAlarm system notifies you visually and acoustically if the temperature goes up.

This freezer is 60cm wide, and 161cm tall, with a reversible door and has 3 internal drawers/shelves for storage, giving a net capacity of 91L. 

This model has been awarded an A++ rating for energy efficiency, which, when compared to old, more inefficient freezers can save you significant amounts of money over the life of the freezer. It is also Frost Free - which is a great advantage!

You can access the Siemens website for this freezer at Siemens GS29NVW3PG