Hoover Washing Machine, HL1572D3, 7kg, 1500 Spin, A+++ Energy

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This is a good quality washing machine from an reliable manufacturer. Hoover offer a balance between well-made machines, and a price that gives value for money, while offering a ten year manufacturer's warranty on parts.

Through the use of a free app, this Hoover washing machine can be connected to your smartphone*. It comes with 15 pre-installed programmes to cover a range of fabrics and loads, including:

  • Rapid 14 Minute Wash
  • Rapid 30 Minute Wash
  • Rapid 44 Minute Wash
  • Daily 59 Minute Wash
  • Whites and Prewash
  • Dark Colours
  • Sports
  • ActivEcho 20°C
  • Hand wash and Wool

However, the smart HL1572D3 really shines when used with the One Touch app. If your device is connected, you can download additional programmes and build your own custom wash cycles to meet your unique cleaning needs.

You can also use the app to review analytics and stats from your Hoover washing machine. It keeps track of the number of times you have used it, the hours of operation, most used programmes and their average length. The app allows you to set a cycle’s start or finish time via your phone. Come home to freshly cleaned laundry every time with One Touch and the Hoover HL1572D3.

    This machine has a A+++ energy efficiency rating, and takes an 7kg load, sufficient for most families' typical wash load. It has a maximum 1500rpm spin speed, ensuring that as much water as possible is removed from your clothes before drying - saving you time and energy.

    You can access the Euronics webpage for this washing machine at Hoover HL1572D3

    This machine is exclusive to Euronics stores and agents - so you won't find it available anywhere else.