Hoover Washer/Dryer, WDXOC585C, 8kg/5kg, 1500 Spin, A Energy

  • £379.99
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This is a good quality washer/dryer from an reliable manufacturer. Hoover offer a balance between well-made machines, and a price that gives value for money, while offering a ten year manufacturer's warranty on parts.

Improved washing, improved laundry care, Dynamic Next advanced, easy to use washer dryers combine all the features of a Hoover washing machine with the convenience of a dryer with all the advanced features of our Dynamic Next washing machines, including the Intelligent Wash System and sensor dry technology to give you the best wash & dry ever with the minimum of effort.

Get the best efficiency for your washing thanks to innovative All in One technology. In less than an hour you can make the perfect wash possible, mixing fabrics and colours in a full load. You can also learn how to get the best for your laundry thanks to One Touch, the connection system using NFC technology.

Thanks to the latest inverter motors, the noise level of this model equipped with Perfect Silence Inverter gets right down to 48db, one of the lowest levels available on the market!

The drying sensors enable your washer-dryer to adapt its drying cycle to your garments, automatically reducing consumption to suit the load, for unbeatable flexibility. Even small loads can be washed and dried on a regular basis with minimal waste.

    This machine has a A energy efficiency rating, and takes an 8kg wash load, sufficient for most families' typical wash load. It has a maximum 1500rpm spin speed, ensuring that as much water as possible is removed from your clothes before drying - saving you time and energy. Please remember the drying load is smaller - in this machine 5kg.

    You can access the Hoover webpage for this washing machine at Hoover WDXOC585C