Blomberg Built-In/Built-Under Electric Double Oven, OTN9302X, Stainless Steel

  • £499.99
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Available to order - please contact the shop on 01874 622974.

This is a high quality, electric built-in or built-under, double oven from an reliable manufacturer. Blomberg offer a great balance between well-made machines, and a price that gives value for money, while offering a three year manufacturer's warranty.

This machine comes with a host of features to make life easier for you:

  • FanPlus Cooking - for uniform heat throughout the oven
  • Fully Programmable Touch Control LED Display
  • Defrost Function - thaws quickly and hygienically
  • Catalytic Liners - catch grease and reduce odours
  • This machine comes with a FIVE year warranty by registration

This item is 71.5cm tall and 59.4cm wide, and has an A/A rating for energy efficiency.

You can access the Euronics webpage for this item at Blomberg OTN9302X.

This machine is exclusive to Euronics stores and agents - so you won't find it available anywhere else.