Beko Washer/Dryer, WDB7426S1CW, 7kg/4kg, B Energy

  • £329.99
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This is a useful capacity washer/dryer, from a reputable manufacturer. Beko offer a great balance between reliable, well-made machines and a price that gives value for money.

The ultimate time-saver, this washer dryer can wash a full 7kg load in just 28 minutes. Its sensor drying technology will also stop the cycle automatically when the optimal dryness level has been reached, helping you save time and money.

It is B rated for energy efficiency - helping to save you money, and A rated for washing. It's fast wash can wash 2kg in 14 minutes, while it can wash and dry 1kg in just 60 minutes.

You can access the Beko website for this dryer at Beko CF1100APW