Hi, and welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Hopefully this is where you will find an answer to most of the questions that you have - although if not please dont hesitate to ring us on 01874 622974.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes we do! (- that was easy!)
     Actually it's a little more complicated - we deliver to Brecon and the local area free of charge for most white goods, televisions, etc.
    Outside that area there will be a charge which will depend on how far we have to travel, how long it will take and how many people we need to send. That charge will be decided at the time of your instore purchase and clearly communicated to you so you are fully aware of it then.
    Please do not purchase items for which you believe there may be a delivery charge without contacting us first (on 01874 622974).
    We deliver six days a week, including Saturdays, but are almost always booked out a few days in advance. We will do our best to accomodate your wishes, but may not always be available to deliver in your first choice time slot.
    Delivery charges are to be paid when you pay for your item.

Q: and install?...

A: Again - yes we do.
    We can install most things that we sell - providing all utility connections (water, drainage, gas, electric, satellite, TV aerial, etc.) are existing.
    You are responsible for arranging for the utility connections - although we can provide contact details for installers if you wish, we suggest that you get recommendations from the various trade bodies concerned.

Q: and remove the old item?  

A: yes, and the waste packaging.

Q: What if you haven't got what I want?

A: For most of the lines we sell, we keep a curated range of stock in the shop, which we carefully pick from those available to provide a range of the most popular options. If you know what you want the item to do - in terms of what it does, what it looks like, how you use it and how much it costs, come and talk to us to see if we can offer an alternative to your choice, which does the same things.
   If this is not possible, we have accounts with almost all ot the manufacturers through the buying group we belong to, and we can almost certainly order the specific item you are looking for from them.

Q: Do you service washing machines? (or repair?)

A: No - but we know a man who does.
    If your item (of any type) is still inside its guarantee period, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for who to contact. More often than not, that will be the manufacturers service department, but it may be us, depending on the item.
   If it is outside the guarantee period, then contact us and we can give you options to choose from, depending on the problem, and your preference for how it is resolved.

Q: Do you have a sale?

A: We try and offer the best value that we can, all year round.
    Sometimes we are able to buy stock from suppliers at a lower price than normal, and we will pass that saving on to you, the customer. These items may be marked as 'Manager's Specials', or 'Reduced', or 'Special Offer', to show that they are reduced in some way from their standard price.
    We also take part in 'Cash Back' offers from manufacturers, where the manufacturer of a particular item will offer a cash-back refund, the value of which depends on the item purchased. Please note, we have nothing to do with the administration of these schemes, and have no influence over the speed of the payout.