Siemens Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, WT46W491GB

  • £729.99
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This is a fabulous new class of tumble dryer - the Heat Pump Dryer, from an excellent manufacturer. Siemens offer a great balance between reliable, well-made machines that incorporate advances in technology, and a price that gives value for money.

This machine has a Class A++ energy efficiency rating - which is amazing for tumble dryers. This improvement over most tumble dryers comes from the use of heat pump technology, which reuses the heated air, rather than discarding it. It takes an 9kg load, sufficient for any family's washing.

It features Siemens' self cleaning condenser, which cleans itself several times during each drying cycle, removing the need to clean the condenser as part of your normal maintenance. It also has a special drying programme for functional textiles such as sportswear and outdoor clothing.

You can access the Siemens website for this dryer at Siemens WT46W491GB