Bosch Fridge Freezer, Serie 4, KGN36VW35G, Frost Free

  • £529.99
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This is a great frost free, fridge freezer, from a very reliable manufacturer. Bosch specialises in making stylish, high quality products that still offer value for money.

This model comes with a host of useful features for you: 

  • The vitafresh food preservation system has humidity control, which means you can safely keep your meat, fish, fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.
  • This fridge freezer also has an AirFresh filter with Antibacteria. This has been designed by Bosch to remove food odours and keep the air fresh in the appliance interior.
  • The KGN36VW35G has an impressive A++ energy rating, so you can save money on running costs in the long term, as well as doing your bit for the environment
  • There’s even a multi airflow system, which ensures even cooling throughout the compartments. The system creates constant air circulation on all levels, to help prolong food freshness.

      The doors come as right-handed but can be changed to left if needed, and the freezer is on the bottom of the stack, so the more commonly used fridge is at the easier height. It is 186cm high and 60cm wide.

      The Euronics webpage for this item can be seen at Bosch KGN36VW5G.

      This model is exclusive to Euronics and its agents so you won't find it elsewhere.