Bosch Dishwasher, Serie 2 SPS24CW00G, 45cm Slimline

Bosch Dishwasher, Serie 2 SPS24CW00G, 45cm Slimline

  • £399.00
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This is a good quality 45cm wide slimline dishwasher from an reliable manufacturer. Bosch offer a great balance between a good quality machine and a price that gives value for money.

This machine has a Class A+ energy efficiency rating, and A ratings for both cleaning and drying. It has a relatively large (for it's size) 9 place setting capacity, and is easy to use with 4 programmes to choose from.

It offers a range of useful benefits - on top of the easily accomodated 45cm width. These include: ActiveWater Technology uses less water and less energy – but still operates with maximum efficiency; EcoSilence Drive which offers power and efficiency while keeping noise to a minimum; DuoPower Spray Arms which results in all items being fully cleaned, no matter where they’re placed in the machine; Glass Protection which means that wine glasses and delicate dishes are all treated with care in the SPS24CW00G dishwasher; and Aquastop which controls and stops water flow in case of any leaks.

You can access the Euronics webpage for this dishwasher at Bosch SPS24CW00G